Ecco WooCommerce 2.1.7

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Aggiornamento WooCommerce con bugfix e migliorie

La storia dell’ultima major release di WooCommerce continua, purtroppo, ad essere caratterizzata da pezze e cerotti.

Da poche ore è stata rilasciata la nuova versione WooCommerce 2.1.7, ennesimo aggiornamento di mantenimento ricco di bugfix e qualche miglioria sotto il cofano.

Come al solito, in questi casi, un bel backup prima di procedere con l’aggiornamento.

La lista dei bugfix e delle migliorie, casomai vi interessasse, è riportata qui di seguito direttamente dal changelog.

WooCommerce 2.1.7:

  • Fix – Allow WC API to generate API keys for different user than the one that is making request.
  • Fix – Fix the SKU search logic so it works with other filters.
  • Fix – Correctly round shipping + shipping tax together when passes the tax inclusive total to paypal.
  • Fix – orderby – skip adding hidden input of submit on a GET so JS can submit properly.
  • Fix – Check wc_checkout_params.is_checkout against string ‘1’ instead of int 1.
  • Fix – Check order exists when resuming on checkout.
  • Fix – When removing base taxes, round to precision.
  • Fix – Ensure _order_currency is set.
  • Fix – Use $wpdb->db_version() instead of mysql_get_server_info() deprecated in PHP 5.5.
  • Fix – myaccount registration added check for auto generate password option.
  • Fix – API: normalize both key and value before calculating OAuth signature.
  • Fix – API: double-encode percent symbols when normalizing parameters.
  • Fix – API: Remove post_parent so grouped simple products are also returned.
  • Fix – Clear featured transients when needed.
  • Fix – Stay on checkout when removing coupon.
  • Fix – Prevent totals refreshing on every keydown event on the checkout.
  • Fix – When hierarchy is off, only show children in the cat widget.
  • Fix – Delete term count transients after stock status change and trashed post.
  • Fix – During save_meta_boxes, only save for the “main” post being saved, not nested or subsequent save_post events.
  • Fix – Stop _wc_session_expires autoloading.
  • Fix – Remove nonce from comment form to prevent issues with caching.
  • Fix – reset grouped products correctly to work with short codes.
  • Fix – In admin, work out cart discount without tax amounts.
  • Tweak – Apply filters to $product_type and we can set a default product type to new products.
  • Tweak – wp_kses_post for meta display in admin.
  • Tweak – woocommerce_order_cancelled_notice hook.
  • Tweak – Use is_ssl() for get_woocommerce_api_url().
  • Tweak – Changes to filters to see if shipping is needed or not in the cart class.
  • Tweak – Chunk option names in cleanup_sessions() to reduce load.
  • Tweak – Change \WC_Order::add_order_note cap to edit_shop_order instead of manage_woocommerce.
  • Tweak – Allow filtering order statuses in dashboard reports widget.
  • Tweak – Added is_paying_customer() to easily check if a user is a WC customer.
  • Tweak – Allow query string fallback for REST API SSL auth.
  • Tweak – woocommerce_coupon_get_discount_amount filter in coupon class.
  • Tweak – More friendly/less blunt “no shipping” messages.
  • Tweak – use network_site_url instead of network_admin_url for multisite.
  • Tweak – Updater – Only show upgrade notices, and use transient cache.
  • Tweak – get_image_id method for use in email template. Shows correct variation images.
  • Tweak – added validation when save the frontend colors.

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